Treestrap Biodegradable Tree Straps


A strong and environmentally friendly option for your newly planted trees!

The Original Treestrap® Company manufactures these biodegradable straps using all-natural, virgin cotton fibers. These straps feature two #1 brass grommets. Each bag contains 50 one-inch wide straps. Choose your desired length below.

Treestrap® Biodegradable Tree Straps are perfect for guying your newly-planted trees. These straps meet the strength and use requirements of Mil-W-530 Ty 3 Class I. Their natural cotton construction allows them to break down naturally, leaving only the brass grommet or tack fastener. These strong yet gentle straps support the tree while protecting its cambium layer. Installation requires no special tools. Use two to three straps per tree. These straps have a tear strength of 325 pounds.

Correctly staking your newly-planted trees is essential to protecting their fragile root system. These biodegradable straps virtually eliminate the risk of girdling, offering you peace of mind after installing new trees. Proudly made in the USA!

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Product Information

Product Specs
  • Strap width (inches): 1
  • Strap length (inches): Varies
  • Strap material: Cotton
  • Maximum tree caliper (inches): Varies
  • Tear strength (pounds): 325
  • Grommet material: #1 brass
  • Strap count: 50
Product Features
  • High-performance biodegradable tree straps
  • Virgin, natural cotton fiber construction
  • Meet Mil-W-530 Ty III, Class I strength and use requirements
  • Two brass grommets
  • Made in the USA!
Product Benefits
  • Ideal for guying newly-planted trees
  • Provide optimal support during crucial root establishment
  • Gentle enough to protect the cambium layer
  • Installation requires no special tools
  • Meet the USGBC spec for V4 BD&C
  • Improve your LEED score for sustainability
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