Trident Heavy Duty Deer Fence


Perfect for deterring deer and other small to medium-sized animals!

Trident heavy-duty deer fencing features a reinforced bottom edge. Trident creates this fencing using extruded polypropylene. Choose your desired dimensions below.

Trident heavy-duty fencing is perfect for deterring deer and other small or medium-sized animals. The reinforced bottom edge keeps animals from gaining access from underneath the fencing. This fencing is nearly invisible from as close as 20 feet, allowing it to blend into your landscaping. To tension, pair this fencing with polyamide line.

Trident Heavy-Duty Fencing is an ideal combination of strength and longevity. It boasts a break strength of 650 pounds yet weighs only 80 grams per square meter. The UV-resistant polypropylene material lasts for up to 15 years!

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