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VersaMATS Clear


These translucent mats are the perfect load-bearing surface for people, vehicles, and equipment!

VersaMATS® are multi-functional ground protection mats. These mats feature a 100% recycled, high-density polyethylene construction. These high load-bearing capacity mats support up to 120 tons. Each mat boasts a diamond plate tread design and supports loads up to 120 tons. See below for buying options. The low profile of VersaMATS®, along with their slip-resistant surface, makes them ideal for pedestrian applications. They are also great for vehicle trackways, parking areas, or staging areas for supplies and equipment. The flexible polyethylene material follows the contours of the ground, providing access over undulating or sloping terrain. Strategically positioned handholds and a relatively lightweight allow for easy deployment and maneuverability without the need for any special equipment. Thanks to their durable polyethylene construction, VersaMATS® are extremely durable and resistant to all weather conditions. This recycled material also makes them an environmentally friendly option. If you are looking for the perfect load-bearing surface for people, vehicles, and equipment, then VersaMAT® is a perfect choice! Also available in black. Load-bearing capacity is subject to ground conditions. Sizes may vary by ± 5%. These products must ship via motor freight delivery. They are not eligible for any free or reduced ground shipping offers.

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