Wavian Military Style Fuel Cans


The only EPA, CARB, DOT, and OSHA-approved cans on the market!

Wavian produces these Military-Style Fuel Cans using cold rolled steel. Each can has a 5-1/3-gallon capacity. They make the liner using Rezol, a petrol, water, alcohol, and rust-resistant coating. Each can features a unique channel breather, a wide smooth-pouring spout, and a bayonet closure. A unique three-handle design makes it easy to carry multiple cans. Each can also includes a spout and an adaptor. Choose your desired color below. Wavian produces the only EPA, CARB, DOT, and OSHA-approved fuel cans on the market. These cans are 100% legal in all 50 US states. Wavian?s built-in internal breather pipe allows for fast, splash-proof pouring. The cap has a locking pin to prevent accidental opening. Wavian?s Steel Fuel Cans are the toughest, most dependable fuel cans on the market. Their fast-flow, leak-proof spout works on all gasoline and diesel vehicles. Their bayonet closure is completely leak-proof, no matter the can?s orientation. Click HERE for our selection of Wavian accessories.
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