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AirSpade 2000 Series


Harness the power of compressed air!

AirSpade designed their 2000 Series for speed and efficiency. Use this tool to safely uncover buried objects, utility lines, or even sensitive tree roots. The 2000 Series features the patented AirSpade supersonic nozzle. This high-performance nozzle generates a laser-like jet that moves at twice the speed of sound. This movement allows for faster, more effective digging than traditional methods. AirSpade constructs the 2000 Series with a lightweight yet rugged aluminum. A dead-man trigger ensures safe operation of the unit. A non-conductive fiberglass barrel provides a degree of protection when uncovering buried electrical lines. These products include:
  • (1) AirSpade 2000 Handle
  • (1) Fiberglass barrel with dirt shield
  • (1) Stainless steel supersonic nozzle
Compressed air requirements vary depending on nozzle type and range from 25 to 225 CFM at 90 psi. 25 CFM is enough to move mulch or pine straw off a landscape bed. Choose your desired nozzle type and barrel length below.

Product Information

Product Features
  • Ergonomic, pistol-grip style handle with soft rubber grip
  • Comfortable, dead-man trigger
  • Air pressure gauge
  • Lightweight, fiberglass barrel with adjustable dirt shield
  • Extra-hardened, stainless steel supersonic nozzle
  • Chicago-style connector
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