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Hormodin Rooting Hormone Powder - 3 Formulas


So easy to use, even for the really challenging stuff!

The most convenient, effective rooting compound you can buy! Over the years, thousands of nurserymen and gardeners have come to rely on Hormodin as one of the most dependable rooting compounds available. There's no measuring or mixing required. Just dip the cuttings into the powder, tap off the excess and plant. It's that simple.

Three formulas are available: (1) HOR1, 1 lb. tin. Hormodin #1 contains 0.1 active ingredient for roses, home garden and greenhouse plants (good for 35,000 cuttings); (2) HOR2, 1 lb. tin. Hormodin #2 contains 0.3 active ingredient for wood and semi-woody plants; (3) HOR3, 0.5 lb. tin. Hormodin #3 is prepared specially for propagating the more difficult to root varieties, including many of the evergreens and dormant leafless cuttings.
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