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Leonard Leather Sheath with Belt Slot, for 8-inch Pruners

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Leonard's own molded leather case for 8" or less shears. No clip.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • About 9" long
  • About 3.75" wide at top
  • Holster about 6" deep, 2.25" wide
Product Features
  • Lockstitched and riveted construction
  • Made of top grain steer hide leather
  • Slots to slide belt through
  • Hole for hanging at top
  • A.M. Leonard logo imprinted on the front
  • Picture is not correct, does not include metal clip.
Product Benefits
    Leonard's own pruner case slips through belt for easy and safe accesibility.
  • For 8" shears or smaller
  • Keep your pruners handy while using a saw or lopper, or stopping to pull a few weeds
  • Keep on a web-belt with other tools, when you are ready to work, just put on the entire belt
  • Protect your back pocket, and quit getting poked when you sit down
  • Great for storage as well
PFR Warranty
Product is covered by A.M Leonard's one-year guarantee against manufacturer defects.
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