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Leonard Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow Conversion Kit

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Leonard Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow Conversion Kit

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Equip your Leonard single wheel Pneumatic Wheelbarrow with Two Wheels!

Increase stability and weight capacity of your single wheel Leonard Wheelbarrow with our Two-Wheel Conversion Kit. This heavy duty pneumatic two wheel conversion kit comes with one 5-1/2" x 16" wide pneumatic wheel, extended axle, dual axle mounting brackets, and necessary hardware. All the components needed to convert A.M. Leonard brand single wheel wheelbarrow into a dual wheel model. This pneumatic conversion kit is intended to be used with Leonard single wheel models using our wide pneumatic wheel: WB6, WB6-S, WBST6, WBST6-S, WB08, WB08-S. Ship wt. 15lb.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • For single wheeled Leonard Wheelbarrows using wide pneumatic wheel - Models: WB6, WB6-S, WBST6, WBST6-S, WB08, WB08-S.
    Kit contains:
    (1) Wide Pneumatic 5-1/2" x 16" Flat Free wheel
    (1) Axle - extended dual wheel axle
    (2) Dual axle mounting brackets (original mounting bracket hardware is to be re-used)
    (2) Axle washers
    (2) Cotter Pins
Additional Product Information
  • QUESTION: Can the WBKT be used for other brands of wheelbarrow?
  • ANSWER: As of yet, we do not have any experience with customers trying it on unfamiliar brands, so we cannot promise anything. If you have an Ames/Jackson, we carry the TWKT conversion kit.
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