Underground Root Ball Support Kits


A 100% underground root ball support system!

Better Bilt Products designed their underground root ball support kits to secure trees and shrubs in place by the root mass. They keep new plantings in a straight, upright position with none of the problems of traditional cabling systems. Use these kits for anchoring plants in locations where staking and cabling is unsafe or simply not an option. They are great for anchoring plants in tight areas or along walkways and roads. They provide a much safer setup for public areas like parks and schools! This kit provides all of the components needed to anchor one tree. Each kit includes:
  • (3) Earth anchors & pre-assembled with wire cables and D-rings
  • (1) Hand-ratchet strap
Choose your desired diameter below. Installation instructions: Step One: Dig out the area — allow for extra work space to install the anchor points. Step Two: Drive the earth anchor into the ground until only the cable loop and D-ring remain above ground. Step Three: Set the anchor by pulling up on the D-ring until you notice no additional movement. Step Four: Position the tree in the center of the anchor points. Step Five: Thread the strap through the D-rings in the desired pattern. Step Six: Tighten the strap and backfill!
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