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Whether you're looking to have the perfect lawn or plant a large garden that thrives with a minimal amount of effort, A.M. Leonard has the fertilizers and treatments you need, including slow-release and organic fertilizers and rooting hormones.

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  1. Image 1 of the Neptunes Harvest Organic Fish and Seaweed Blend Fertilizer
    Neptunes Harvest Organic Fish and Seaweed Blend Fertilizer
  2. Image 1 of the Moisture-Loc Anti-Transpirant Spray 1 Gallon
    Moisture-Loc Anti-Transpirant Spray, 1 Gallon
  3. Image 2 of the Anderson's All Purpose Fertilizer, 18-6-12
    Fertilizer, 18-6-12 All-Purpose Formula by The Andersons
  4. Nutra Pro Tree and Evergreen Fertilizer 1 Year Controlled Release Pack of 20
    Nutra Pro Tree and Evergreen Fertilizer 1 Year Controlled Release Pack of 20
  5. Image 1 of the Azomite Organic Trace Minerals 44 lb Bag
    Azomite Organic Trace Minerals, 44 lb Bag
  6. Image 1 of the Fairlawn Blue and Rye Mix 5 Lb Bag
    Fairlawn Blue and Rye Mix, 5 Lb Bag
  7. Image 1 of the Fairlawn Shade Mix 25 Lb Bag
    Grass Seed, Fairlawn Shade Mix, 25lb Bag
  8. Image 1 of the Grotab 3-in-1 Premium Plant Starter (12-8-4), 100 Tabs
    Premium 3-in-1 Plant Starter Tablets, 12-8-4 NPK, Tub of 100 Tabs by Grotab
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A.M. Leonard knows you want to grow the healthiest and most beautiful plants and lawn possible. When plants are at their healthiest, they reach their full size, greatest strength, and biggest yield. Our fertilizers, treatments, and plant food helps lawns and plants grow big, strong, and green as can be. Healthy plants simply look the best. They have the largest, most beautiful flowers and vibrant green leaves. They are the tallest trees that produce the most and best-tasting fruit. With strong roots and stems, healthy plants are also more resistant to anything that might harm them. No matter if you‘re growing a tree, a vegetable, or a flower, we have the plant food you need.

Slow-release fertilizers such as the Osmocote 14-14-14 are very popular products, offering a wide range of uses from greenhouse to planter and cutting down labor with their time-release formulas. We also carry plant and flower fertilizers including brands such as BioPlex and Grotab, lawn and grass fertilizers, and organic options as well. And when your plants and yards begin to thrive, keep it that way with our herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides.

If you're just getting started or preparing for your next task, we carry a range of greenhouse supples including grow lights and seed starting supplies, as well as nursery supplies including a variety of pots and ground cover options.