Pole Pruners and Saws

Pruning tall trees is not easy. It is difficult to saw a branch that's several feet up in the air. Bigger bushes can also be difficult to prune properly due to their size, especially if access to the bush is limited due to the bush being up against a wall or fence. A.M. Leonard has a great selection of pruners, pole pruners, and other pruning tools and equipment to reach branches in the most difficult places.

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  1. Image 1 showing JC6E fiberglass pole on white background.
    Fiberglass Extension Pole, Hollow Core, 6ft Length, FG Series by Jameson
  2. Image 4 of the Leonard 6 Foot Fiberglass Sectional Pruner Pole
    Sectional Pruner Poles Fiberglass 6Ft Orange by A.M. Leonard
  3. Image 3 of the Fanno Replacement Blade, 17-inch Length for 514S, 20S, 514FA, 20PS
    Fanno Pole Saw Blade 17in Length with 15" Cutting Edge (Fanno FI-17s-B)
  4. Image 1 of the ARS Pole Saw Head for Super TURBO EXP Pole Saws, 16-inch Blade
    ARS Pole Saw Head for Super TURBOEXP Pole Saws, 16-inch Blade
  5. Image 0 of the Marvin Pole Pruner Head 1 & 1/4" Cut Capacity Round Base
    Marvin Pole Pruner Head 1 & 1/4" Cut Capacity Round Base
  6. Image 3 of the Corona Easy Cut Extendable Bypass Lopper
    Corona Easy Cut Extendable Bypass Lopper
  7. Image 1 of the Silky Hayate Replacement Blades
    Silky Hayate Replacement Blades
  8. Image 1 of the Marvin Pole Pruner & Saw Combination With Two 6ft Sectional Fiberglass Poles
    Marvin Pole Pruner & Saw Combination With Two 6ft Sectional Fiberglass Poles
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We carry quality brand name pruners and pole saws such as Leonard, ARS, and Corona. We have pole saws in various blade sizes and styles to help you easily cut through any size branch. We also feature a choice of fiberglass or wood for the pole handle. Some pole saws come with telescoping handles, allowing you to adjust the handle to any length required to make the job that much easier. For a wider selection of saws that will help you cut through any branch, check out our pruning saws.

Our pole pruners and pole loppers make quick work of smaller branches. For the best of both tools, try our pole pruner and pole saw combinations. Combination tools are handy because there is always a choice of tool and you can decide on the fly which is the best tool for the branch, tree, or bush. Once you’ve completed your task, you can use our quality push brooms and cleanup tools to help leave your area looking spotless.

If you'd like to create a custom pole saw, we carry telescoping aluminum saw poles up to 18.5 feet long and saw heads as well, so you can create a tool specifically tailored to your needs.

Replacement saw blades are also available for your tree trimming tools, so you can always have a spare blade around just in case it is needed.