With a history of high-quality geotextile manufacturing dating back to 1967, Texel has long been a trusted name in the horticultural industry. At A.M. Leonard we offer a variety of innovative Texel products that nursery workers have come to rely on.

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Viewing 1 - 2   2 Items

A great option for controlling weeds in containers and pots is Texel's Geodisc UV-Resistant Weed-Blocking Discs. Engineered from non-woven fiber fabric and a latex coating, these weed blockers are simple to install and designed to last. If you're growing plants that are sensitive to herbicides, Geodiscs are the perfect alternative. They are precut and easy to place inside containers - simply choose a size a bit larger than your container and let it go to work!

Another efficient nursery supply product from Texel is our Spinout Square. This advanced fabric is used for pot-in-pot growing and helps prevent roots from migrating through drain holes and attaching the pot to the socket ? reducing the need to break roots and ultimately saving you time and energy. We offer a variety of sizes for both 5- and 7-gallon containers.

When it comes to successful container plant growth, you've got everything you need at A.M. Leonard. We stock trusted brands and proven products that will ensure your plants thrive. Check out our selection of Texel products today and find the perfect fit for your nursery's needs.