Ohio Steel

For more than half a century, Ohio Steel has been a leading manufacturer of premium-quality commercial products. And at A.M. Leonard, we're offering a great selection of their lawn and garden equipment for professionals throughout the horticultural industry. From lawn rollers to folding ramp sets, here you'll find great Ohio Steel products at great prices.

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Save time and money with the Ohio Steel Plug Aerator Tow, an easy-to-use and economical alternative to pricier powered aerators. Featuring a strong steel frame, 42-inch-wide coverage, and a 200-pound-capacity weight tray, this is the perfect tool to help penetrate tough soil.

Yard ramps and tractor ramps are engineered to make loading safe and easy. Professional gardeners and landscapers using wheelbarrows, lawn mowers, four wheelers, garden tractors, and large other equipment can benefit from our high-quality ramp sets. Our top-rated Ohio Steel folding ramp set is ideal for trucks, trailers, and vans, and features an angled construction engineered to reduce back-tire spin.

Whatever your line of work, trust Ohio Steel commercial products to meet your needs and last a lifetime. Check out A.M. Leonard's Ohio Steel selection today and choose to invest in innovation, durability, and unparalleled quality.