When it comes to verticality products, Petzl is one name you don't want to forget! At A.M. Leonard, we offer a wide selection of industrial-grade Petzl products that will keep you safe and secure off the ground and on the job. Whether you're looking for a reliable Petzl carabiner or a Petzl ascender, we've got you covered.

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The AM'D Ball Lock Aluminum Petzl Carabiner is the perfect choice for arborists and other professionals looking for a strong and versatile locking carabiner that will hold when it matters most. We also offer a Triact Double Twist Lock Petzl Carabiner that is perfect for safety harnesses and rigging.

If you're utilizing single ropes, a Petzl ascender is a great choice. Featuring a comfort grip handle, steel cam, self-cleaning slots, and a spring-loaded catch, the Petzl ascender is perfect for self-belaying and pulley systems. We offer two colors ? black and gold ? so you an easily differentiate between your left and right hands on the job.

From climbing gloves to rope ascenders, trust Petzl and A.M. Leonard when you're in need of durable, premium-quality verticality products. We've got the best selection of gear to help you leave the ground safely and securely. Check out our Petzl products today and find the right equipment for you.