A.M. Leonard offers a variety of products designed to optimize seed germination. Here you will find heating mat systems from Agritape that can be placed under pots, growing trays, and beds to create ideal soil temperatures for growth. These mats are affordable, durable, and are easily installed and removed from benches. They are a great way to compensate for cooler-than-desired temperatures in greenhouses or other rooms.

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Agritape heaters utilize two copper conductors that are built into sealed Mylar film. Simply roll the mat onto a bench, set your desired temperature, and let your soil soak up the heat. A separately sold thermostat unit provides users with precise control of temperatures from 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit; a unit can control up to 120 feet of Agritape, depending on the model purchased. We also stock wire mesh grounding screens that are priced per square foot.

A.M. Leonard has everything you need to provide the perfect temperatures for your soil. Whether you are running a greenhouse or nursery, Agritape products are a great option for encouraging optimal seed germination and growth. Check out our inventory today.