Wonder Soil

Wonder Soil is one of the leading producers of lightweight soilless mixes in the nursery supply industry. At A.M. Leonard we offer a variety of innovative Wonder Soil products that are designed to promote optimal plant growth and strong root systems. If you're a professional gardener or nursery worker looking to improve plant growth in containers, pots, or in the ground, Wonder Soil is the perfect choice.

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    Wonder Soil Expand & Plant Organic Planting Mix, 2.5 Cu. Ft.
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Our best-selling Wonder Soil Expanding Nutrient Cube is a great option for gardeners looking for an efficient, nutrient-packed soilless formula. Once watered, the cube will expand in just minutes -- up to 7 times its original volume! One cube will produce 2.5 cubic feet of Wonder Soil. Ideal for use in the ground or containers, this mix reduces water usage, can save you storage space, and will deliver nutrients for up to 6 months. Your plants will love this well-balanced mix of humus, polymers, worm castings, mycorrhizae, and other ingredients ? all without the use of fungus, weed seeds, or gnats.

In addition to the Wonder Soil cube, we also offer a variety of other expanding mixes, including Wonder Brick Expanding Potting Soil, Wonder Brick Plus Worm Castings, and Wonder Soil Instant Wafers in packs of 18. All are designed to save hard-working gardeners and landscapers precious time, energy, and money. If you're looking create a more efficient process in the garden without cutting corners on quality, Wonder Soil is just what you need. Check out A.M. Leonard's selection of Wonder Soil products today!