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Echo PB-2520AA Handheld Blower

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Echo PB-2520AA Handheld Blower

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The highest performing handheld blower!

Echo engineers their PB-2520AA handheld blower for power. This blower features a 25.4cc engine and improved rotational control. A new fan and volute design improves air filtration. Echo also outfitted this blower with cruise control! Echo?s 25.4cc engine outputs 27% more power than previous Echo models and 21% more power than Stihl?s BG-50 model. The rotational control feature reduces the gyro effect created by most handheld blowers. This feature, combined with a reduction in weight, makes the blower easier to handle. This increased handling reduces fatigue and stress on the operator arm. Echo designs the PB-2520AA with power in mind. Although powerful, this blower maintains a low-decibel rating of 69 dB. This lower decibel rating allows for use in noise-sensitive environments.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Engine displacement (cc): 25.4
  • Power (HP): 1.15
  • Dry weight (pounds): 8.36
  • Blower force (N): 15.8
  • Air volume (CFM): 453
  • Air velocity (MPH): 170
  • Nose rating (Db): 69.3
Product Features
  • Powerful 25.4cc engine
  • Improved rotational control system
  • Cruise control
  • New fan and volute design
  • Transparent fuel tank
  • Ergonomic top handle
  • Posi-Loc pipes
Product Benefits
  • 25.4cc engine outputs 27% more power than the PB-250LN and 21% more power than Stihl BG 50
  • Numerous features combine to make this blower an excellent value
  • PB-2520AA weighs 0.9 pounds less than the PB-250LN
  • Improved air filtration and excellent ergonomic features
PFR Warranty
Echo covers this product with a five-year warranty for consumers. This changes to a one-year warranty for commercial applications.
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