Spreaders Buying Guide

Having a spreader that fits the needs of your business is invaluable. With hundreds of options in the market place, it’s important to know what type of spreader is best for you. AM Leonard’s Fertilizer Spreaders Buying Guide has your answers!


Choose a hopper based on the material you will be applying. Steel hoppers are built to stand up to hard use, while poly are more economical.


This is the weight capacity of the hopper and frame, not the volume. For example, you may not be able to fit in 100 lbs. of a lightweight product, such as grass seed, in a 100lb spreader.


Choose powder-coated frames to stand up to hard materials. Stainless-steel frames are more resistant to rust.

Broadcast vs Drop Spreaders

Broadcast spreaders are not as precise as drop spreaders, but are more forgiving due to overlap. With drop spreaders, special attention needs to be given to ensure you do not cause striping, especially when applying fertilizer materials.

Types of Spreaders

Hand-Carry Spreaders

Hand-carry spreaders offer adjustable settings based on the type of materials you are using. Each model and brand varies, but for the most part you will have different settings for applying seed, fertilizer or other materials. Ideal for smaller areas.

  Brand Hopper Capacity Frame Port
3100E Earthway Poly 40lbs Powder Coated Multi
E27 Earthway Nylon Bag 20lbs Poly Single
421S Solo Poly 20lbs   Single
T711 Warren Poly 20lbs  

Walk-Behind Spreaders

Optional deflectors help you get close enough to sidewalks, flower beds, or drives without actually spreading material in unwanted spaces.

  Brand Type Hopper Capacity Frame Port
AM100P Leonard Broadcast Poly 100lbs Powder Coated Multi
AM100S Leonard Broadcast Poly 100lbs Stainless Steel Multi
AM70S Leonard Broadcast Poly 70lbs Stainless Steel Single
AM70P Leonard Broadcast Poly 70lbs Powder Coated Single
S60120 Spyker Broadcast Poly 120lbs Stainless Steel Single
P2050 Spyker Broadcast Poly 50lbs Powder Coated Single

Tow-Behind Spreaders

Two-behind spreaders are ideal for those managing larger areas.

  Brand Type Style Hopper Capacity Frame Port
P30175 Spyker Broadcast Tow-Behind Poly 175lbs Powder Coated Single
6506T18 Gandy Drop Tow-Behind Steel 6 cu ft Powder Coated Multi
6505T18 Gandy Drop Tow-Behind Steel 5 cu ft Powder Coated Multi
36T13 Gandy Drop Tow-Behind Steel 120lbs Powder Coated Multi
M80ECM Earthway Broadcast Mounted Poly 250lbs Stainless Steel Multi
M20 Earthway Broadcast Mounted Poly 80lbs Powder Coated Multi
6504T18 Gandy Drop Tow-Behind Steel 4 cu ft Powder Coated Multi

Snow and Winter Spreaders

With low-maintenance style and versatility, snow and winter spreaders will last season after season. Designed to spread a variety of ice melt and rock salt products.

  Brand Style Hopper Capacity Frame Port
SD95 SnowEx Walk-Behind Poly 160lbs Powder Coated Single
SD95SS SnowEx Walk-Behind Poly 160lbs Stainless Steel Single
SR210X SnowEx Mounted Poly 240lbs / 3 cu ft Powder Coated Single
SP225X SnowEx Mounted Poly 240lbs / 3 cu ft Powder Coated Single
SP125X SnowEx Mounted Poly 240lbs / 3 cu ft Powder Coated Single