Gardening & Landscaping Tools

Power tools have their place in landscaping and gardening, but professionals know that many gardening tools and cleaning tools work best by hand. A.M. Leonard has developed the best selection of hand tools and gardening tools to help you prepare beds, plant gardens, and get the job done more effectively.

Preparing beds begins with breaking up the soil. Our striking tools, including picks, tillers, axes, and hammers, can help break up hard soil and cut through tough roots. Once the soil is broken up, the beds can easily be finished up with our shovels, scoops, spades, forks, and rakes.

Planting tools make quick work of plant propagation and transplanting. Soil knives, bulb boppers, trowels, and transplanters get the plants neatly in place in record time.

Once planting is finished, we carry over 50 different hoes to help you keep the garden bed weed free. We also have weeders to leverage unwanted growth out of the ground by hand.

Cleaning up after planting can be a big job. We carry several different push brooms in various widths. For wet messes, we have squeegees. Trash can easily be cleaned up with pick-up tools. When cleaning up around nut and fruit trees, fallen nuts and small fruits can be gathered easily with our nut-gathering tools. Scrapers can remove sticky messes from paths, walkways, and driveways.

Pruning plants and flowers can easily be done with our pruning knives. Shears and edgers keep the lawn around the garden bed looking clean.

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